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EBOO: Transformative Ozone Therapy

At Ong Institute, we offer a distinctive approach to wellness and recovery with the power of Ozone Therapy, including techniques like MAH, HBO, and the standout EBOO. Ozone therapy is an excellent option for optimizing cellular energy, reducing inflammation, and stimulating the immune system. EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation) is, to us, the "Cadillac" of ozone treatments. Unlike other ozone therapies, EBOO filters your blood, removing harmful substances like heavy metals, while oxygenating and ozonating your blood, enhancing oxygen delivery to tissues. With EBOO, we provide real-time treatment assessment, customizable doses, and a superior detoxification process.

Ozone Therapy: Harnessing the Power of Ozone

Ozone Therapy employs ozone gas to stimulate your body's immune system, disrupt harmful bodily processes, and support your healing from diseases or wounds. The gas is naturally potent against bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, and protozoa, making it a powerful ally against a range of infections.

The key benefits of Ozone Therapy are extensive: it's a natural detoxifier, immune booster, and inflammation reducer. It also helps to reset the mitochondria, improving cellular energy. Many physicians worldwide utilize Ozone Therapy for its broad application potential. From autoimmune diseases to Lyme disease to cancer, Ozone Therapy can complement traditional treatments one is already receiving from their physician.

EBOO: Optimizing Health and Wellness

Of the variety of Ozone Therapies, EBOO stands out.

Here's how EBOO works:

  • Filtering: During the one-hour treatment, about half of your body's blood circulation will pass through a filter, removing larger inflammatory proteins, heavy metals, and cholesterol.

  • Ozonating: Your blood is then treated with ozone, modulating the immune system, fighting infections, and enhancing oxygen delivery to your tissues.

  • Oxygenating: Your body receives a consistent supply of oxygen throughout the treatment.

This entire process results in a remarkable form of cellular detoxification, making EBOO a great tool for supporting your body's detox pathways.

Benefits of EBOO for
Recovery and Surgical Healing

In our practice, we utilize the restorative power of EBOO to expedite post-surgical recovery. Through ozonation and oxygenation, EBOO strengthens your immune system against infections while enhancing oxygen delivery to recuperating tissues. This empowers your body to navigate the rigors of surgery with resilience, ultimately fostering a conducive environment for healing.

Preparing for EBOO

Our concierge team will guide you every step of the way. From arranging your ozone labs and reviewing your results, to guiding you on hydration and dietary needs before the session, we will ensure your treatment is safe and effective.

What to Expect

The entire process, including setup and IV placement, typically takes two hours. Post-treatment, you will receive an IV bag of B vitamins and Amino Acid to assist your body's recovery from oxidative stress.

Complementary IV Treatments

For a comprehensive wellness experience, many patients pair EBOO with other IV treatments like NAD, Vitamin IVs, and IV exosomes. These treatments augment the benefits of EBOO by aiding in cellular energy production, supporting overall wellness, and healing.

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